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Retirement. Plenty of time to do whatever you want. Wrong. There is never enough time. So one must prioritize just as before. But the choices of what one must devote time to are much broader. Photography is now one of those priorities. When I studied photography decades ago I was hooked. But life stepped in. So serious photography wound up moving to the back burner for years. Now it’s back in digital form and it is absolutely wonderful. Immediate feedback with unlimited creative options. But it is the digital processing that is so appealing. It’s the same darkroom techniques except it’s is right in front of you. Lower exposure a fraction of a stop and the image responds instantly. Dodge a bit here, blur a bit there and you see the result immediately. And if you don’t like what you get, just go back and do it over. I love photography in the digital age.

I finished my career as a risk consultant 4 years ago and returned to photography after years of neglect. Purchasing a digital camera for a business trip to the UK shortly before I retired rekindled my interest. I was amazed at the versatility of the DSLR. The application of digital processing came next. Then that old passion returned, that sense of moving from just taking pictures to making photographs. Just this year I began answering Call for Entry notices from various galleries around the US. The results have so far been gratifying.


Sohn Fine Art Gallery Lenox, MA -- 5th Annual Juried Exhibition

PhotoPlace Gallery Middlebury, VT -- Up Close and Personal

1650 Gallery Los Angeles, CA -- Light & Shadow

Black Box Gallery Portland, OR --  Taking Pictures: 2016

Still Point Art Gallery Brunswick ME -- Still Point VIII

ViewPoint Gallery Halifax, Nova Scotia -- Contemporary Photography 2016

A Smith Gallery,  Johnson City  TX --  Pinhole


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