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One of my favorite photographers is Albert Renger-Patzsch, a master of composition who proudly stated he simply photographed  what was in front of him, his efforts "aimed at a photographic photography". In an article published in 1966 titled "A Lecture That Was Never Given", he stated "I believe that in every concept there lies a partial truth which surpasses time".   So by and large photography is inherently mendacious.   And that is the point, that is the beauty.  A fraction of a second taken completely out of context and left to the viewer to determine the meaning, their own meaning.  To create an image that will trigger a memory,  form an idea, start a conversation.  To some extent the photographers original intent is irrelevant.   It's the  impression left with the observer that matters.

Steve Knight



Houston Visual Arts Alliance 38th Open -- Juror Alison de Lima Greene

Texas National 2022  Stephen F. Austin State University,  Nacogdoches, TX-- Juror Adriana Corral

Plymouth Center for the Arts  Plymouth, MA -- The Fine Art of Photography 2022

Rio Brazos Art Exhibition  Granbury, TX -- Juror Nancy Lamb

Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts -- The Leica Mystique

Montgomery Photo Festival 2022  Montgomery, AL -- Juror Anna Skillman


Texas Photographic Society Members 34th Annual Show--Jurors Dan and Jill Skupin Burkholder

Texas Photographic Society--At Night: Juror Lance Keimig

PhotoPlace Gallery  Middlebury, VT -- Finding the Light: Juror Laura Moya

The Art of Tea, Art League of Baytown -- Baytown, Texas

CAL National 2021 -- Conroe Art League, Conroe TX; Honorable Mention Photography

21st Texas City Art Festival  Texas City, TX -- Honorable Mention Photography

Plymouth Center for the Arts  Plymouth, MA -- The Fine Art of Photography 2021

16th Pollux Awards--Juror Stephen Perloff: Honorable Mention Fine Art Series


Plymouth Center for the Arts  Plymouth, MA -- The Fine Art of Photography 2020

FotoFest 2020 -- Group Show, Baytown, TX

SE Center for Photography  Greenville, SC -- Architectural Photography: Juror Michael Pannier

Stonehenge Gallery  Montgomery, AL -- The 2020 Photo Competition: Juror Angie Dodson

Dallas Metro Arts Contemporary  Dallas, TX -- The Photo National Juried Exhibition: Juror Byrd Williams IV

San Francisco Bay International Photography Awards, Silver Award -- Jurors: Julia Dean, David Garnick, Hamidah Glasglow, Michael Itkoff,

      Molly Newgard, Laura Sackett                                                                     

K Space Contemporary  Corpus Christi, TX -- Third Cost Biennial: Juror Rigoberto Luna

A Smith Gallery  Johnson City, TX -- Light: Juror Richard McCabe

15th Pollux Awards: Honorable Mention Fine Art Photography

Houston Visual Arts Alliance 37th Members' Show : Juror Shana Nys Dambrot

Plymouth Center for the Arts  Plymouth, MA -- Beyond the Window


SE Center for Photography Greenville, SC -- Members Show: Juror Polly Galliard

LA Artcore 3rd Annual Photography Competition Los Angeles, CA -- Jurors: Sarah Lee, Sarah Hadley, Aline Smithson

Texas National 2019 , Stephen F. Austin State University Nacogdoches, TX -- Juror Michelle White

SE Center for Photography Greenville, SC -- Abstract: Juror Adam Finkelston

Naples Art Association Naples, FL -- Camera USA 2019: National Photography Exhibition: Jurors Tracie Davis, Karen Irvine, Carol McCusker

Plymouth Center for the Arts Plymouth, MA -- The Fine Art of Photography 2019: Jurors David DeMelim, Karin Rosenthal, Paula Tognarelli

A Smith Gallery  Johnson City, TX -- Open - Unconstrained: Juror Catherine Couturier  (Director's Honorable Mention)

Stonehenge Gallery  Montgomery, AL -- The 2019 Photo Competition

Houston Visual Arts Alliance 36th Annual Open Exhibition:  Juror Christine Jelson West

Fort Worth Community Arts Center,  Fort Worth TX -- Solo Show[Down] 2019: Juror Christina Rees

Archway Gallery  Houston, TX -- Eleventh Annual Juried Exhibition: Juror Penny Cerling

Western Trappings on the Llano 2019   Llano, TX-- multi discipline western art exhibition

2019 Louisville Art Assn. National Fine Art and  Photography Show,  Louisville CO:  Juror Desmond O’Hagan

The Photo Review 2019 International Photography Competition -- Web Gallery: Juror Stephen Perloff

Texas Photographic Society 32nd Annual Members Show -- Juror Catherine Couturier

Urban Landscape: Texas Photographic Society -- Juror Jamey Stillings


A Smith Gallery  Johnson City, TX -- Being Set Free: Jurors Karen Divine, Melanie Walker, Amanda Smith, Diana Perkins, Kevin Tully.

FotoFest 2018 -- Invitational Group Show

Valid Foto Gallery, Barcelona, Spain -- The World Through My Eyes, 5th Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography

Texas City Art Festival  Texas City, TX -- Honorable Mention Photography

Durango Arts Center 42nd Annual Juried Exhibit  Durango, CO -- Juror Josie Lopez

SE Center for Photography Greenville, SC --- Color: Juror Guy Tal

PhotoPlace Gallery  Middlebury, VT -- Still Life: Elevating the Mundane : Juror Kimberly Witham

South x Southeast Photo Gallery  Molena, GA -- Open Call: Juror Julie Grahame

Blank Wall Gallery   Athens, Greece -- Abandoned Buildings

A Smith Gallery  Johnson City, TX -- Light: Juror Geoffrey Koslov

Baytown 52 Annual Art Show  Baytown, TX -- First Place Photography

13th Pollux Awards, Barcelona Spain--Honorable Mention


International Photography Awards--Fine Art Landscape-Honorable Mention

PhotoPlace Gallery  Middlebury, VT -- Still Life; The Ordinary Made Extrordinary: Juror Kate Breakey

SE Center for Photography  Greenville, SC -- Monochrome: Juror Del Zogg

LA Artcore 1st Annual Photographic Competition and Exhibition   Los Angeles, CA : LA Artcore - Brewery Annex; Jurors George Simian, Richard Vogel, Brian C. Moss, Karen Hampton, and Jeff Alu

Darkroom Gallery  Essex Jct,  VT --Black & White (& Blue): Juror Michael Kirchoff

SE Center for Photography  Greenville, SC -- Architectural Photography: Juror Tillman Crane

Plates to Pixels 10th Annual Juried Show -- The Visual Armistice: Curator Blue Mitchell

Darkroom Gallery  Essex Jct,  VT -- Chiaroscuro: Juror David H. Wells

Texas Photographic Society 26th Annual International Exhibition: Juror Alison Nordstrom

Houston Visual Arts Alliance 34th Annual Open Exhibition: Juror Rachel Cook

2nd Charles Dodgson Black and  White Award -- Finalist: Juror Chris Walker

Black Box Gallery  Portland, OR  -- Shades of Gray: Juror Todd Johnson

Texas City Art Festival  Texas City, TX -- First Place Photography

Texas Photographic Society 30th Annual Members Show -- Juror Malcolm Daniel

Multiple Exposures Gallery  Alexandria, VA -- PHOTO '17: Juror Molly Roberts 

Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art  Augusta, GA -- A Sense of Place 2017: Juror Garth Johnson

Ciel Gallery  Charlotte, NC -- I Spy 2017: Juror Lee Baumgarten

PhotoPlace Gallery  Middlebury, VT --  Celebrating the Creative Process: Juror Kat Kiernan

The Gala Awards -- Urban and Rural Landscape: Honorable Mention: Juror Tim Anderson

Baytown 51st Annual Art Show  Baytown, TX -- First Place Photography

The Photo Review 2017 International Photography Competition : Juror Stephen Perloff


Sohn Fine Art Gallery   Lenox, MA -- 5th Annual Juried Exhibition: Jurors John R. Stomberg, Jan Nagle, Hannah Blunt

PhotoPlace Gallery   Middlebury, VT --Up Close and Personal: Juror Kathleen Clemons

Black Box Gallery   Portland, OR --Taking Pictures: 2016: Juror Todd Johnson

ViewPoint Gallery   Halifax, Nova Scotia -- Contemporary Photography 2016

A Smith Gallery   Johnson City, TX -- Pinhole: Juror Amanda Smith

Texas Photographic Society 29th Annual Members Show--Honorable Mention: Juror Reid Callanan

A Smith Gallery   Johnson City, TX -- Habitat: Juror Julie Blackmon

PhotoPlace Gallery   Middlebury, VT -- A Sense of Place: Juror Jane Fulton Alt

Audubon Nature Centre   Jamestown,  NY -- 2016 Nature Photography-- Runner Up: Juror Kimberley Turner

St. George Museum of Art   St. George, UT -- Pictured: The Nations Most Spectacular National Parks -- Permanent Collection

The Photo Review 2016 International Photography Competition -- Web Gallery: Juror Stephen Perloff

London Photo Festival -- Landscape Competition 2016

Darkroom Gallery  Essex Jct.,  VT -- In Stillness: Juror Diane Gabriel

Manifest Gallery  Cincinnati, OH -- Group Show of Texas Artists

PhotoPlace Gallery  Middlebury, VT -- Still Life: The Ordinary Made Extraordinary: Juror Kate Breakey


Artistonish May 2021

Lenswork: Our Magnificent Planet 2020

Landscape Magazine April 2019

Dodho Magazine November 2017

Dodho Magazine March 2017

Still Point Arts Quarterly Summer 2016

Manifest International Photography Annual 5